Merissa Hamilton's values are homegrown in Arizona, spending the summers here with her grandparents as a child. Shortly after graduation, she made Arizona her permanent home and has lived in Phoenix for nearly 20 years. Merissa is a business professional with over 19 years of leadership experience in the supply chain, food service, retail, grocery, and technology industries. She led national committees to create data standards transforming food safety and improving public health. With a strong commitment to helping her community, her work for over a decade has focused on helping girls in crisis pregnancies, women and their children in domestic violence, and helping those experiencing homelessness find permanency. She led efforts at the Arizona legislature and the City of Phoenix to reform zoning laws to solve the crisis of working veterans experiencing homelessness and allow for the construction of affordable tiny home communities. As Chair of the Arizona Legislature sub-committee on Policing, she led a state-wide community policing reform model with Tucson, Tempe, and Goodyear Police Departments. Merissa is running for Mayor to bring smarter solutions to Phoenix. Her focus is on making Phoenix safe, protecting small businesses, fighting against City corruption, and bringing manufacturing back to Phoenix.



Jerry Sheridan began his career with MCSO as a volunteer at the age of 18 going on to be hired as a detention officer and then a deputy sheriff.  He held every rank, except Sheriff of course, and oversaw Patrol and Jail Operations, and ultimately achieved the highest uniform position within the Sheriff’s Office-Chief Deputy.  He obtained a Masters Degree in Organizational Management, earned a Certified Jail Manager certification from the National Sheriff’s Association and graduated from the FBI National Academy (Executive Leadership School) in Quantico Virginia.  He was also appointed to the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board for 12 years. Jerry is a proven leader with 33 years of supervisory, executive management and real world law enforcement leadership experience that successfully guided MCSO through its most difficult years in history.  His total of 40 years of service to MCSO and the citizens of Maricopa County has prepared him well for the challenges and difficult and dangerous times ahead. He can make a difference and will stand to protect your Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed to all citizens by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.



Allister’s first priority as a prosecutor is to do justice. Appointed to the position of Maricopa County Attorney in October 2019, she leads a group of talented men and women who seek justice for victims and works tirelessly to ensure that the rule of law is applied fairly. The vision of a better Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will be built on Allister’s priorities, which include, protecting the rights of victims and holding criminals accountable, ensuring operational efficiencies and process improvements that are grounded in evidence-based practices, and developing collaborative relationships with the courts, the sheriff’s office, partners in county government, first responders, the legislature, and those in our community who seek to better our criminal justice system. Prior to her appointment, Allister began her legal career at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office where she was an award-winning litigator prosecuting felonies and advocating for victims’ rights. During her more than seven years as a Deputy County Attorney, she served in the Vehicular Crimes, Gang, and Drug Enforcement bureaus. Allister was then appointed to executive-level leadership positions for the Arizona State government from 2011 to 2015. As the Chief Administrative Law Judge for the Arizona Department of Transportation and later as General Counsel for the Arizona Department of Child Safety, she worked to build coalitions and improve policies to help the agencies achieve their mission.



It’s time to take the nonsense out of the Recorder’s Office. It’s time to make the Recorder’s Office boring again.Stephen will deliver fair and competent elections. That’s it. No partisan activism. No rogue policymaking. No fights with voters. Stephen is an attorney in downtown Phoenix at one of Arizona’s oldest large law firms. Prior to his legal career, Stephen worked in the policy arena for several of the country’s most prestigious think tanks, and he worked in business management. Stephen holds three degrees, and he won a number of awards while in school including USA Today All-Academic Team, Phi Beta Kappa, and National Merit Scholar Finalist. Stephen has lived in Salt Lake City, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington DC, and Hermosillo (Mexico).
Stephen and his wife, Lindsay, met at The University of Chicago Law School. They live in south Phoenix, where they hike South Mountain as regularly as the Arizona weather allows. They both love playing and watching sports, and are thrilled about the return of NBA and MLB, albeit in shortened “corona-seasons.” Stephen’s sister and her family have lived in Tucson since 2001 (she would say “Bear Down Wildcats”), and other members of Stephen’s family live in Scottsdale. Stephen’s family owns a business with offices in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson. Stephen’s commitment to public service and public life is well-documented. Governor Doug Ducey previously appointed Stephen to serve on the board of the Arizona Humanities, and Stephen is also a former Arizona Industry Fellow with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During Hurricane Katrina, Stephen formed his own organization to help with rescue and rebuilding work in the Gulf South. President George W. Bush recognized Stephen for his work and awarded Stephen the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Gold Class. But Richer For Recorder is more than just Stephen. Hundreds of volunteers have advised, endorsed, or worked for the campaign because they too want the madness at the Recorder’s Office to end. We hope you’ll join, be you Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or Independent. If you have any questions about Stephen or the campaign, please use the contact form, we’ll reply quickly.



Why should you vote for Lisa Borowsky for Mayor of Scottsdale on November 3rd? Lisa’s campaign is built on three core goals: 1) OPENNESS — MORE CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT IN THE DECISION-MAKING. 2) TRANSPARENCY — ELIMINATE SECRET MEETINGS AND “INSIDER” INFLUENCE. 3) ACCOUNTABILITY — MAKE CITY HALL WORK FOR THE CITIZENS.

Here is Lisa’s “Reform Agenda”: 

- Develop a District System of Council Elections

- Establish Lobbyist Registration

- Individual P&Z Appointments by Each Councilmember for Accountability

- Establish Neighborhood Advisory Panels for General Plan Update

- Demand Higher Development Standards

- Provide the Political Will and Resources Necessary to Protect and Defend Our City

- Real Traffic Solutions for N. Scottsdale (Expressway) & Downtown (Trolley System) 



Nicole Garcia is running for City Council in North Central Phoenix (District 3). She is a devout conservative with a passion to see Phoenix saved from the radical liberal agenda. Nicole graduated with a Bible degree from Northwest University and has a vocational background in administration with Fortune 500 companies. Nicole ‘Backs the Blue’ and is committed to defending our brave police officers. She is motivated to see small businesses revitalized across Phoenix, and to see Phoenix leadership held accountable for their spending.